Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

It's completely insane, I know, but my daughter turned one on Sunday. I just about nearly fell out of the bed when Ben reminded me*. Could not wrap my head around it. Why only yesterday I was huffing and puffing and carrying on about 'the pain, the pain' and before I know it, Miss Annie decides to turn the big 1 and start crawling. It's too much, too much I tells ya!!

But oh how sweet and funny and soft you are. How truly edible your little nose is. How warm your eyes and puffy your fingers. How delightful is your smile, your laugh and your hug. I fear I am addicted my little one. To the very thought of you. The very sight of you. You, just you.

As I mentioned Miss Annie has taken this time to learn how to crawl. Finally. I had started looking on ebay for a cart as I was sure her chances were over. She now gets up on all fours and kinda rocks about a bit before taking a few shuffles towards the DVD player. I don't know why I don't just wrap up the remote and give her that for her birthday - she is INSANE about buttons. Who can blame her, they make stuff happen, especially when you push Dad's.

We had a little birthday soiree at our temp house in Brighton. It was just family (who are pretty much rent-a-crowd, there's that many of them) and we had a little BBQ and ate way too much sugar. Annie thought it was all so fantastic. People singing to her. Gift after gift after gift. And of course....cream! This baby party stuff is new to me. I am used to throwing a slab in an esky of ice, a pack of sausages on the BBQ and sawdust on the toilet floor and calling it a party. I was all 'how do I make this a kiddy thing???'

After much deliberation I decided 'Frog-in-a-pond' would suffice. I whipped them up the night before and I think I may have put frogs in ponds just a little early. When Ben saw them the next day he said 'babe, they look like drowned frog in ponds'. He had a point.

Oh, and not to forget my other girl. Miss Maggie. She turned three about a month ago now. We had 'bone-in-a-dirtpile' and played take the tail off the pussy cat. Maggie was easy to buy for. She just wanted another tennis ball.

* As if Ben had to remind me it was her birthday. I've been more excited than both of them put together.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Coming along.

The house renovations are really coming along. I was a little worried about 2 weeks ago, sure that Ben would not have the bent walls ready for insulation let alone plaster. How wrong I was. It pleases me immensely to say that we have a plasterer at our place today busily putting walls where walls should be. This makes me glow inside. I feel just a tad closer to moving into the house we bought nearly two months. Here are a few photos for those with any interest in free roof insulation, built in robes or the delightful sight of plasterboard.

Beautiful pink roof insulation. And free. All free I tells ya! Click here for more details.

Miss Annie, sitting in her bedroom.

Our hallway, complete with cruddy old door.

The wardrobe that Ben built. *proud*

The other thing that's really coming along is Miss Annie Jane. We have been a bit worried because it doesnt look like she wants to crawl. Like....ever. So, to entice her to get that booty moving I tried lying her and sitting her in front of a mirror. Ya see, she likes looking at herself in the mirror. I think she thinks that it's another baby.

As you can probably tell, I could photograph this little munchkin all day long.