Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a little something for me.

With all the gifts and extra special blankets cotton socks has been getting lately, I thought I would make myself something pretty. I found an awesome bag pattern from Melly & Me and have taken waaayy too long getting round to actually making it. So....yesterday being the freakin' hot day that it was, Maggie and I set up camp in the sewing room/nursery and away I went.

I'm pretty happy with the results all in all. Although, in this picture I have forgotten to unpick my pleat line. I was in such a rush to share. My favourite blog at the moment (for obvious reasons!) is a wonderful midwife called Laura Jane. She asked what was next after the blanket, so here it is:

I also wanted to share some photos of Maggie (my other baby). We were given a dog house for her to sleep in, but she NEVER liked it. Preferring instead to lie on our Persian rug. However, the other day, look what I spotted...

And finally...sometimes you get yourself into such a comfortable position, you couldn't give a damn how unattractive it makes you look!

Friday, January 16, 2009

things completed.

Before you get excited, this pregnancy is not one of them. I'm sitting in my kitchen with the odd ache here and there and figuring it could be possible that I NEVER have this baby. Think about it. Recently a man gave birth to a little girl. Another, in England, was born without the hereditary cancer gene the entire family had been subjected to. It may happen. I could be the first pregnant woman who stays pregnant her entire life. Imagine all the pastries I'll get away with eating....The constant free seats on public transport...the 'getting-out-of-housework' bonus. It could work out quiet well indeed.

Hmmm...but when you think about it. There are a few downsides. Never being able to 'number two' without thinking your going to induce a hemorrhoid. Random people touching her stomach and thinking it's OK to stare at your tits because 'they're for the baby!' and of course, never being able to roll over in bed ever again without needing a small, lightweight crane. I'll push this bubs out if it's the last thing I do!

The main reason I am here today is to show you the blanket that I finally finished making for cotton socks. After many, many months, I got my shit together in the last few weeks before birth and completed this much loved project. I can't say it was the most inexpensive thing I have done (all fabrics were quality picks from Patchwork on Central) but it certainly is the prettiest. I must say....I feel a little proud.

It took me some time to pick the edging fabrics. It was so colourful in the center already and I so wanted to keep it unisex and of course vintage looking.

Patchwork on Central really came through with the goods. I was delighted!

And for the backing - we went with balloons! I just thought...'why not?'

I have to admit to being a MAJOR NOVICE when it comes to patchwork. I'm learning, and to be honest, just taking advice from other sewers, Spotlight employees and occasional internet searches. This is the biggest and the first blanket I have made to a pattern and following ALL instructions. (I tend to get a little excited and think I know it all). So....needless to say, I am loving this creation, purely because it's for cotton socks and because it was, very muchly, a labour of love.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the house that ben built.

She returns. It's been a long stint away, I know. And I am sure that most of you must be thinking that it's because I pushed a baby out of my vagina and now can't balance a laptop on my knees because I'm constantly breastfeeding. But alas, no. Little cotton socks has not ventured our way yet. In fact, I think that little mite is very cosy in there, eating pancakes and potatoes. It KNOWS that when it gets out it's going to be ill feed and ill treated. Only served milk, morning noon and night. Swaddled in blankets so that it cant even make an expression with it's hands. Oh the inhumanity!

Just so you know that I'm not making it up, I thought I would post a photo of my belly at 40 weeks.

See, told ya. Doesn't it look like Ben has created a massive house with vast verandah. I'm all out the front I tells ya. Random Asian women constantly tell me I'm having a boy. Whilst most other people think it's a girl. I'm lost at this stage. Very unsure about what I'm having. It would just be nice to have it! *Sigh* I did get a few aches and pains last night which delighted me. They didn't keep this old sleepy head awake though. I fell right back asleep after each one of them, thinking, surely if the heads coming out I'll notice :)

Now that I have access to the internet, my musings will no longer be so few and far between. I will be a regular here. Whinging about stinky nappies and barf and 'witching hour'. And I'll delight in it. Better go eat a muffin. It wont be long before I don't have a damn fine excuse....