Monday, July 5, 2010

Keeping up with the crafty projects.

I am delighted to say that there has been a few crafty projects completed of late. Most of them are adjustments to old curtains found in savers to try and keep the heat in our fer-fer-fer-freeezing old home. I won't show you photos of them, they're just not that exciting. What I will show you though, is the things that have been on my list

I made a doll to give Miss Annie when she comes to visit me and bubs 2 in the hospital.

It has a reversible smock. The most difficult thing to turn out, but well worth it. I am extremely happy with this doll because I have NEVER MADE A GOOD TOY! The pattern was simple and so, so cute.

I also made a new lining for the car capsule for bubs 2. I wanted something nice and fresh and clean as the capsule we have has been borrowed from a friend and pre loved.

I also really liked the dress (featured in the photo of Wild Hair Miss Annie and her Dada below) and wanted to make her a few more.

The design is so simple and putting it on and taking it off is pure Mumma happiness. Simply slip over the head and secure using buttons. They are great with winter tights and warm thermal tops. Here are the two I lovingly finished last night for my baby girl.

Next on the sewing agenda:

More curtains
Pillow cases for our verandah
A blanket for my lovely friend Karen.
A little gift for bubs 2.
Mending Ben's jeans (these are always last, poor guy!)