Monday, May 25, 2009

tiny and small and free!

It was such a glorious day on Friday I decided to pack miss Annie into the car and head to the Magnolia Square Tiny and Small fair. Leslie was going to have a stall there, so it was not only a chance to check out some cute wears and eat yummy cupcakes, but also a time to catch up with a good friend.

There was lots of very cute stuff there, most of which belonged to Leslie. Unfortunately it wasn't a very big fair, which in some ways was good (less people) and in other ways not so good (not much demand). The grounds at Brighton Town Hall were very nice though. A good place to stop with toddlers and have a break.

While there I bought Annie a Sophie giraffe. I have heard a lot about these toys and have been meaning to buy her one for ages. So, when I saw they were only $32, I snapped one up. Here she is getting to know Miss Sophie.

Annie and Sophie meet

Annie checks her out for Swine Flu

Annie commences love affair

Annie stunned at how amazing Sophie really is.

I also entered a competition to win some very groovy prints. Low and behold I won! The prints in question are printspace. I was told to head to the website on Wednesday when some new stuff will appear to choose my prize. I'm thinking you should head there too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

welcome little max.

Ben's brother George and his wife Jenny, welcomed their little son Max Edward into the world yesterday. He was a little earlier than expected and as such left me very panicked. I hadn't finished making his gifts, you see, and spent ALL of today like a mad woman with her head cut off, except her head was stuck to her foot which she broke in a near fatal car accident when she was driving to her trapeze class. In other words, utter chaos. In fact, things were so hectic today, I forgot my x-rays for the Dr. and bought Max a little outfit that fell out of the pram a good 30 minute walk from home. I found out when I returned and had to pack Annie and Maggie up again and head off looking for the damn thing. Just as well we live in a good suburb and someone had picked it up and placed it neatly on a park bench awaiting my return. Phew.

Here are the spew rags I made. I take my inspiration once again from the very talented Leslie, who made me some when I had Little Miss Annie.

I also made Jenny a wrap. Not one of these teeny tiny ones from the store, but a great big 1 meter by 1 meter sucker that little arms and legs cannot get out of. Spotlight had a good deal on some new Muslin prints and I managed to find Jenny's favourite blue with little puppy paw prints. *cute*

I packaged the whole gift up in a crisp white box and tissue paper.

*Update* We gave it to her last night when we went to visit and she seemed to really like it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

me, you and the flu.

With Annie and I house bound with the flu, we have found that other things can keep us entertained. For instance, I have finished the 'random' quilt I was making for our soon to be born niece or nephew. Mum-to-be Jenny wanted blues and yellows. I took inspiration from Leslie's blanket she left here the other day when she came for a visit.

The Front:

I tired my best to be as random as possible. Because of this, some of the stitching is a little outta line. *sigh*

The Back:

The back as a lovely soft fleece fabric that I got for a steal at Spotlight!

Annie was happy to stay indoors and watch me sew.

Maggie was not.

We also made a date slice today, which I will share perhaps tomorrow. Right now, it's 5:30pm and that's when Annie needs my attention the most. The 'I'm cranky and need a big bath, big bottle and an even bigger sleep' hour.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the week you turned 15.

Dear Miss Annie Jane,

Well, you're sick. You have the most rotten cold/flu going round. In fact, you've given it to me. To be perfectly honest, you're coping very well. You still manage a smile or two when I'm changing your nappy and even have a sneaky grin for Octee the Octopus. You are a very good sick baby. It has to be said. You're easy to care for. All you want is to fall asleep in my arms, or with my boob in your mouth and occasionally have me suck snot from your nose with some contraption I picked up at the corner chemist.

Since you've been sick I have been having childhood flashbacks. All the things my mum use to do for me are coming to the forefront of my mind. Rubbing Vicks on your chest and back or into your sheets. Steaming eucalyptus oil in your room, even sitting you in the fan less bathroom as I take a shower, hoping the steam might loosen your phlegm. They could all be wives tales told too many times, or something might help. Either way, I am just trying my darn hardest to alleviate your suffering.

I took you to the Doctors the other day. She's a lovely women, our doctor. She finds you very sweet. Perhaps that's because every time she sees you, you're smiling and cooing at her. I look like the mad mother with Munchhausen's disease who 'thinks' her daughter is sick all the time when really she's just looking for attention. She checked your chest and your temp and all was fine. She said we have to wade it out and see how you feel in a couple of days. Right now you're asleep in your pram because that's the only thing that will work.

In the afternoons I wrap you up super warm and we head to the park with that crazy four legged monster Maggie. You like it in there, snug as a bug. You immediately fall into a soft sleep. I have noticed though that should you wake up halfway around the park, you'll open your eyes and take in some of what surrounds you. I guess that must be you growing up.

You have also started to notice Maggie more. You'll follow her around the room or watch her lying on a blanket next to you under my watchful gaze. The other day after an energetic trip to the park, Maggie jumped in the back of the car. Your car seats was facing her as she puffed and panted and dribbled all over the boot of the car. You thought it was hilarious.

Mumma and Dada have been utterly in love with you of late. You are becoming such a little miss. You know exactly want you want and seem to know all the tricks on how to get it. We cant help but want to kiss you. Every. Single. Moment. Of. Every. Single. Day. You're just too divine. I often wonder what you will be like when you're a little older. When you can walk and talk. But then I kick myself and remind myself to just enjoy these precious moments while they last. While you're little. While you're 15 weeks old.

Sleep well sweet one,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

the keep cup.

Found something really cool in last weeks edition of The Age. Am I the only person who still loves to read a newspaper? Going online for the news just doesn't quiet cut it. A strong latte and some fresh Canadian style pancakes and a little of the A2 and I'm set for a very good weekend. Ben and I like to quiz one another on stuff, or fight over who is going to read 'The Two of Us' first.

Anyway, as I was sipping good coffee and feeling bloated from pancakes, I came across a little PR snippet on the new Keep Cup. The name says it all. A coffee cup you keep. And it's been designed by some very cool people, using very cool materials and costs only a cool $7.95. Best of all, it will save the environment from all those pesky takeaway cups that I am ashamed to admit I have used.

As yet the Keep Cup is NOT available. But to stay tuned, leave your details here and acknowledge a great idea at the same time.