Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sample Pots.

After choosing the colour for our house, finally, we had all this left over sample paint. So, I put my creative juices to good use and together, Annie, Tom, Maggie and I made 'BrockExpress' - an overland train that holds more stuffed toys than you can shake a dummy at. Fun was had by all.

:: Annie took the role of chief designer. You'll notice all her favourite people were on board...Dora, Santa, Boots, and Jeff the purple Wiggle ::

:: Tom discovered fruit while Annie coloured in ::

:: Someone tried to board the train without a ticket, ahem (Maggie) ::

:: Ahhhh, that's better. All the kids happy and in one place! ::

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Natasha.

I had someone ask about the cottage on my header. I wish I could say it was mine. Well, it's in the family and I stay there ALL the time, but we don't own it. My husband's parents do. They built when they bought their farm as a shed come guest house. It has a beautiful little kitchenette and upstairs bedroom, but my favourite place to sleep is right in front of the coonara on a very windy night. Natasha, if you need more specific details on how it was built etc drop me a line with your email and I'll get back to you.

Busy Bees.

Quick House Update:

We managed to get just a bit more done on the house recently. The front has it's first coat of well thought out paint colour. We went with Duck White (a kinda beige grey). Very happy with the results.

Quick Craft Update:

I have been visiting my local op shop quiet a bit and collecting doilys for a lamp shape tutorial i saw on pinterest.

Quick Tom Update:

He wants to stand ALL THE TIME. Problem is, hes just not ready for it. So, its either me holding him, the couch or the coffee table. It's the only way he'll stay happy. Standing. Up right, thank you very much!

::nappy off time is 6pm every evening. Tonight they were playing doctors. Tom was meant to be the visitor, but he got all aggro and was told to leave immediately::

Quick Annie Update:

When she's not losing her mind over something (yep Tantrums have started) she is wonderfully cute. Today I asked her.

Am I Tom's mumma?'


Am I Annie's Mumma?


Well, who's mumma am I?


True dat!

::Don't even ask about this photo. I told her cotton bubs where for her ears and next thing I turn around and she's all, 'look at my earrings Mumma'. I was very quick to say 'Don't push them in to far honey, your brain will fart'::

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kingsville to Yarraville

Walked to the train station to catch a train to work and these are some of the things I captured on the way.

What does your daily walk look like?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Progress People!

It's been such a busy time for us lately. Very, very tiring. On top of having two children under three, we are been renovating and trying to get our business up and going. That's three pretty huge things all at the one time. Renovating, kids, own business. Needless to say Ben and I are just so knackered from it all. I don't get a break from wrangling two small kids, and he doesn't get a break from renovating or working to spend time with those beautiful kids. It feels like we will never get off this ride.

However, there is good news to report. We decided recently to give the house one last big surge of effort before summer comes at which point we will cease with big reno projects and just do some 'family time' some pottering, visits to the zoo, beach, family, friends. You a little. With the 'kind-of' end in sight, our spirits have been lifted. I took the kids to my mums on the weekend so that Ben could tackle the front weatherboards and start the front fence. Once that front of house looks a little neater we will ease into simpler times. I can't wait.

Here is the house before the weatherboards were changed, complete with fully restored original windows and a new (old) fully restored entrance way and door.

Half the weatherboards up.

Our little Victorian dream starts to take shape.