Friday, June 27, 2008

busier than bees when their busy...

It's been a hectic week. so much frustration, emotion and nagging, aching tiredness. I would say 'I need a holiday' but I know I've just returned from one. Why does Vietnam seem so long ago?

I'm finding I like going to bed at 9:30pm not a minute before and most definitely not a minute after. I feel like every time I pick myself up off the couch and head to bed before ten more wrinkles appear around my eyes and my hands start growing their very own walking frame. Could I really be this old already?

I'm putting most of it down to work at the moment. As it is the end of the financial year, there is SOOOO much happening. We are always manic in June and I had prepared myself for that, but to make matters worse I am having recruiting issues and internal stresses and also have to co-ordinate three juniors and a work experience girl. So you get where I'm coming from.

Ben has been a great help - as usual. He can lighten my mood from the minute I walk in the door. Seeing the muddy face of Maggie the Kelpie also eases the stress. I want to take the two of them and head to our beach house, lock all the doors and allow winter to batter around outside as we read books, drink wine and eat well.

Tonight I am off to another function that I have been guilted into attending. When you're this tired the last thing you want is your mother on the phone saying 'but I already told them you'd come!'. Anyone else as weak as me? I hate disappointing people. I would drag this depleted body half way across town to a fancy dress I haven't prepared for, to hang with old work colleagues I have lost touch with and enter into conversation that might actually freeze my brain rather than disappoint my mother, or her very lovely friends.

I really need my head checked. Anyone noticed yet that my capitals are back? I figure there are enough young people in the world bastardising the English language, why should I join them.

oh, and before I forget....another thing that brightened my dull week. My sister sent me a photo of my nephew Charlie lying on the blanket I made him. *Sigh* he's so cute!

Monday, June 16, 2008

holding me back.

hmmmm. i've been so distracted lately. there are so many things that i want to get done and just cant get around to. for instance, i have been meaning to clean out our second bedroom and rearrange all my sewing things, but other things catch my baking a deliciously naugthy chocolate hazelnut cake or staring at more photos of the wedding til the point when some might deem it a little narcissistic. anyway, the point is, I have a plan. a grand plan in fact. and as is with most grand plans there are certain things getting in the way. let me list a few.

guitars. our spare room is currently the home to some 7 guitars. my new husband benny is a bit of a rock god. he likes to bang out tunes in the garage every tuesday night with his three mates. strange thing is....why would anyone need that many guitars when they only have two hands? he assures me that in fact he does need them all. even the old battered one in the bent case. each one apparently serves a purpose - yeah, clogging up my friggin' spare room!

books. again with the hording. ben loves books. it's sad that it takes him so long to read one because he really really loves them. as such we have accumulated a hideous amount of books in our spare room. there are so many bad books in fact, that the good books wont fit on the shelf and have to live by the side of the bed. the pile is getting so big ben and i might have to catch a train to find each other in bed at night.

clothes. ahhhh yes. apparel rules the corner of my humble spare room. ben went through a dress up party stage when turquoise leather jackets and brown spandex pants were really, really funny. now they're just really, really annoying. but ben cant throw ANYTHING out lightly. 'i might need that cream and brown striped wide collar shirt'. 'what for?' i would quiz. 'don't know, might have a book launch gig in a 70s bar coming up that it would be good for'.

thankfully bens mum and dad have taken our spare bed off our hands to decorate their new place. it means bens friends dont have to bang their drums around it in the garage and i can start planning the room that i have been thinking about for so long now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

about damn time!

ok, i know that i havent been the most diligent blogger. in fact, i've probably been removed from bloglines around the globe (assuming the globe read this of course) but here i am. i'm back. i have news. craft projects to share and day-to-day bullshit to spread amongst you. see, your mum was right. the best things are worth waiting for! sister had a baby boy two weeks ago. Charlie Thomas Martin Reid to be exact - thank you very much. he's a stunner. chubby and smart. and he LOVES food. i decided i wanted to make him something. a blanket-com-play mat. i had purchased too much material a little while back and really needed to do something with it. i am now towards the pointy end of the project and loving it! the good people at patchwork on central park helped me pick out the boarder material and the trim. things really could have gone arse ways without them!

here's a little looksee:

found a warm wooly fleece fabric for soft little skin:

i have another project that i am eager to commence, and once this blanket is done i will getting cutting fabric! ben goes to mount buller this weekend to play again and that is when i should find some time.

just have to get through a week of work first...