Monday, June 28, 2010

The renovations in pictures.

Here are a few picture of the house, before and after the renovations. We are by no means finished either inside or out so take note when you see bare walls and patchy paint. We have so much more to do. The list is like a huge weight. But, weekend after weekend we manage to get something done and this slow progress makes us blissfully happy.

::hallway before/during::

::hallway after::

::bedroom before (we bought it like this - are we mad??)::

::bedroom after::

::living room before::

::living room after::

We havent actually started renovating the back of the house (kitchen, bathroom, laundry) as this will be expensive. However, we managed to make some small changes to the existing kitchen to make it a tad more livable.

::kitchen before::

::kitchen after::

::kitchen after (different angle)::

Monday, June 7, 2010

photo booth - what fun!

*Mumma so distracted looking at herself that she doesn't realise Miss Annie is ringing Japan*

'Hello? Japan? We need to talk about how much fish you're eating over there!'