Thursday, December 20, 2007

feet in water.

i am nearing the end of the last day of work before my christmas break. as the idea of relaxing slowly seeps into my weary mind, i am sad to be moving away from my blog for a week or so. in the wonderful new year of our wedding i will return hopefully with many new designs to share and sell in my new etsy shop. i feel very fortunate that so many people have stopped by for a peek. perhaps it's the names of each item that draws them in. they did take some serious thought time :)

to all who stop by, have yourselves a wonderfully warm week and keep friends close and family closer. i'll be seeing you after my camping trip (feet in dirty water, esky full of melted ice) when the christmas tree needles are turning a little grey and my tan looks more potential than the environmental promises of kevin rudd.

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