Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what i ate today...

I think there is one area of pregnancy that ought to be documented heavily. It's isn't the feelings of elation or the changes in your body or arse. More importantly we should be sharing what we can manage to put away in a day. As such, I'd like to tell you all what I have eaten today. And before you bombard me with facts about how you actually don't need to eat much more than you do regularly, let me just inform you, I don't give a flying fart. I feel good and I'm hungry and I'm going to eat.

It's only 4pm and here is what I have already packed away today:

This morning to was two...hmmm, let me spell this phonetically...rog-a-la! They are delicious Jewish sweet cakes that make my eyes roll back in my head and can enhance even the worst cup of coffee.

Rog-a-la is the one that looks like a croissant to the left

At about 11am I thought to myself, surely it's time to eat again? It seems I was right, I had a quick piece of fruit and then tucked into these little babies...

For lunch I had left over pasta from last night. It had plenty of spinach and mushrooms in it.....and cheese and cream and butter...

Hitting on 2pm I thought, I will simply fade away if I don't eat a little something more. So I whipped myself up some crackers with vintage cheese from aussiefarmersdirect and Three Three's gherkins.

We have cheese, eggs, milk, fruit and vege delivered every week. It's feels good to spend our money to actual farmers and not the supermarkets of the world.

An finally, just then, I sat back for a little cup of decaffeinated tea and a mini snickers bar.

Right. Come on. Tell me I'm over doing it. I can take it. I won't be offended. I'm tough. After all, I'm going to go through child birth dammit!


Anonymous said...

can i please have a rogala?

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Ohhh yeah baby, yeah!!! Heck, I do recall (all too clearly) tucking into the great delights when pregnant. Have baby in belly, will eat!