Sunday, October 18, 2009

what ya been sewing lately?

Even though the internet has treated me so mean, or perhaps because of this, I have had some time to get some sewing projects done. One in particular was for a good friend who is due her baby in little over a months time. Her baby shower was today (and it was lovely) and I was able to get this gift finished just in time...

Nat chose the colours, which ended up giving this piece a very 1970's feel. I found all fabrics, except tbe backing, at Amitie. *smiles* love that place! She seemed to like this little cot quilt, which I have suggested could also be used in the pram or as a playmat. Her little boy will get plenty of use from it, I am sure.

In other news I am trying to make a dress I can feel proud of. Lisa, we are soooooo in the same boat at the moment huh? I have a few weddings coming up in November and December and want to look a little classic for them. 1960s dresses are my insane love. I have one I found on ebay that doesn't quiet do up after the Miss A giving birth thing. Oh, ok....more like my new baking obsession thing. Anywho, I found a pattern at spotlight that was only $10.50 and thought, with a little intervention, I could fashion it into a more 60s feel. I havent quiet finished it yet, but here is a little peek-a-boo at the pleats in the skirt and the slight, sharp sleeves.

Anyone think that pattern is too much? Remember, it will be teemed with a thick chocolate brown belt and a structured cream jacket.

Oh, and I've decided the best fabrics are those that cost little and you love much. These are two op shops finds of recent weeks that I have been saving to make some little old laundry curtains.

Just a freshen up for whats currently there in the new house, as the bathroom, laundry and kitchen won't be renovated for many months and possibly a few years. It will be fun putting our flavour to everything, don't you think? I have more purchases to share, including fun fabrics, a stunning 1920s cabinet and some abolsutely funky op shop wine glasses, but I will have to upload the photos next time. This little Martha Stewart needs to finish baking her cookies for the mums group we are having this morning.

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Lisa said...

Lovely work on the quilt Em, looks great. You'll have to bring the dress for show & tell. I've been doing some unpicking on my top (I couldn't look at the uneven pleats any longer) and it's currently not doing much at all :(