Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Waiting for baby...

Since this baby seems to want to take its time, we have forged ahead with getting little jobs done around the house. Most people are calling this 'nesting'. I'm calling it 'necessary'. As we tick things off our list, I love this house even more. Sure, she's damn ugly on the outside (and will be for awhile) but slowly, slowly, her insides become more and more delightful. And don't they say that beauty is on the inside??

Here's a little peek at our accomplishments.

We bought this old Cottees sign for $5 at Camberwell Market years ago. We were going to put it in the kitchen when I suggested we turn it into a coat rack. I like it.

These fantastic space savers are only $1.49 from Ikea. The tubs are $1.49 from Ikea and the S hooks are about $2 for 10. Love it.

We wanted to save money ($800 to be exact) so we are painting our wardrobes ourselves. Well....I'm painting them. Ben is busy with restoring and painting the bedroom doors. See below.

I am now 40 weeks pregnant and feeling it. I woke every hour on the hour last night with period-like pains and Braxton Hicks tightening but woke this morning with not a sign of things progressing. This has been happening for a week or so now and while it's a promising sign, I feel so disheartened when things stop. Hopefully, over the next few days, I will get my wish. For now though, it's back to my chilli pizza, tweaking nipples and occasional clumsy sex.


Vic said...

Gah - I don't envy you being so preggers & feeling it - although it does mean you'll be a) Not pregnant very soon & b) Have yourself a squishy bubba well before I do... infact, you can sit back & laugh when I am whinging about being 40 wks hehe.

I LOVE the sign coat rack, or coat rack sign... lol, inspired.

Laura Jane said...

Ah, Cottees, the memories. Love the coat rack, and the kitchen rack.

Sounds like things are stirring up in birthland. Get plenty of rest, and enjoy the clumsy sex :)

Lisa said...

Love what you've been doing, especially the coat rack. Before you know it Annie will have a little brother or sister, hang in there. Thinking of you.

Julia said...

Wow - your house is looking amazing. So much love and hard work has gone into it and it shows.

I'm thinking of you as you await the arrival of your little one. I laughed out loud at the 'occasional clumsy sex'. I'm not laughing at you - but with you! Been there. x

LJ said...

Love the cottees coat rack. Genius.

Hope you have popped out your baby. Have been thinking of you and wondering how you are doing.

Much love.