Sunday, January 13, 2008

part two: the wedding

ahhh, the madness continues...

so, next on the agenda was choosing a bridesmaid. for me it had nothing to do with 'who' to chose but rather whether or not to have one. in our fantasy wedding things are kept nice and small. nothing crazy. no 'six bridesmaids for seven horny bucksmen' (pity the drunken sod who misses out)

anywho, we had to make a decision. would we don our wedding with puffy dresses and cravats? of course mum had something to say about that also:

'i feel that it should be one of your sisters', she said. i rolled my eyes on the other side of the phone. not because i wouldn't love to have one of my beautiful sisters but rather because i was being guilted into doing something i might not otherwise have done.

'well what about melissa?' i asked. melissa - best friend - was her bridesmaid - would give life for. 'i might want to ask her?'

there was silence at the other end of the phone. i knew she was considering the best way of handling this one. she knew mel was important to me. she had to play her cards very cleverly if she was going to win this battle. it was all or nothing. final set. nothing left. scrounging for something she noted:

'well if it's not one of your sisters, it should be your brother'.

yes, you read that right. my brother in a plunging neckline, lace shoes and and 3 inches of makeup would make for one very funny wedding indeed. she was thinking about the entertainment on the night. i had to give her that!

as you can imagine i didn't go with my brother. as lovely as he might have been in satin. i didn't even go with one of my sisters - there are three of them, all to special and lovely in their own way to choose between. i didn't even go with mel (she will have a beautiful newborn baby to attend to at my wedding - assuming she doesn't go into labour during it). instead i chose my niece, siobhan. she has been an important part of my life for 14 (nearly 15) years now. she will make a wonderful flower girl and a beautiful friend on the day. ben won't be having a best man. it will just be siobhan. and us of course. standing up in front of the world and getting ourselves hitched...


leslie said...

nice : )

Di said...

How funny! I thankfully wasn't subjected to all that sort of business when we got married.

I'm all for tossing conventions out the window and doing something that is comfortable and meaningful for YOU (so long as it's not going to unduly upset your family!).

We also opted for a small wedding party- just me, my husband, and a friend's daughter as the flower girl walking down the aisle. The friend who introduced us (and who was nearly 7 months pregnant at the time of the wedding) was the ring bearer, and her husband was witness and did a best man speech. They sat with us as the "bridal table". And I had another friend act as witness.

Good luck with the rest of the planning!