Monday, January 21, 2008

shameless plug.

about two weeks ago - i know, i know, i'm late with the updates - we went to the mt. buller beer festival. i suppose when one thinks of mt. buller they think skiing, snow, hot chocolate. well change that perception damn it! get on up there, where the views are stunning and the people are warm and get involved in some of the summer activities. they have mountain bike riding, farmers markets in mansfield and for the first time ever, they had the mt. buller beer festival.

my lovely ben and his band 'wintermen' (name is a working title - feel free to leave other suggetions) were asked to perform. it was a glorious summers day, the view was never ending and the beer was very, very cold. of course i went along as support (as did maggie) and cheered the boys on. i was joined by the girlfriends of the other band members and miss brooke satchwell of australian tv fame (lovely lass btw) we spent the afternoon clapping, singing and visiting beer stands one at a time. needless to say we were very drunk. here are some pictures of what i like to describe as one very comfortable weekend spent with people i hardly even know! funny what happens when you put yourself out there...

ben and joe chilling between sets. note brooke in the background. what fun she was!

ladies and gentlemen...i now give you.....'Wintermen' (again, working title)

good crowd. good food. good beer. good golly get down there next year people!

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