Thursday, October 8, 2009

the final countdown.

I could start this post with a VERY large whinge about Virgin Broadband and how pathetic it has been lately. How it has stopped me from connecting with people online, visiting lovely blogs that make me smile and bidding on items that I probably shouldn't be bidding on, but instead I will send all that negative energy away and just get on with the business of getting on.So, in one month the following will happen:

1. I start back at work.

This has been a very hard decision for me. For many reasons, but mostly because of this little curtain twitcher*.

Man I will miss her something shocking! I am only going back for two days to start so that makes my heart a little lighter. The other plus side is that she is being minded by family and friends which is just the best damn news in the world. I think she is too little for childcare just yet. I am looking forward to the interaction with work colleagues again and of course head down bum up action in the industry. It has been a part of my life for so long I missed it. The money will be good too, especially when....

2. We move into our new house

Yup. Sooner than expected which is fantastic, but really puts the pressure on to get organised and pack, pack, pack. We ventured over to the new house today to get a look in and have some reblockers check it out and quote. Here's a little sneak peak of our humble abode and it's current condition.

3. The rental property we are currently in goes to auction.

This will suck big time, as every weekend should now be dedicated to packing and sorting and throwing things out. Instead we will have to deal with lines of investors roaming through our house inspecting it and commenting on it and driving us near bonkers in the process. It couldnt come at a worse time really, but it's good to know that regardless of the outcome of that auction, we have somewhere else to go. Our new home.

* Curtain Twitcher. Nosy person. Eg. Someone who stands at their window, peering out from behind the curtains to spy on the neighbours. AJB in a nutshell :)


Laura Jane said...

Oh, Em - what a lot to look forward to! Although going back to work will be hard in some ways - little Miss Annie is so adorable, I almost let down looking at her!

Exciting about the new house. Bummer about the home open season. Sigh.

Lyn said...

Hi Em. Going back to work sure is hard, but i think it's made easier if you're going back to something that will keep you busy and that you enjoy (or at least you enjoy the people you work with).

The first day is definitely the hardest, but being with family will make it easier.

An emotional roller coaster that's for sure (and yes, daycare can wait until she's a little bigger when she'll really enjoy it!)

Good luck with everything

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

oh, that hair is fantastic!