Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tommy Boms.

Little Man...

Who would believe you're 8 months old. I would say that times flies, but really those first 6 months dragged and were hard and wonderful all at once. I am happy to say that now you are sleeping through which makes my life so much easier. You are a delight to watch, sitting quietly playing or talking to yourself. You love just being in the family I think. Getting a quick smile from Mum or a big hello from Dad. But hands down, your favourite person is Miss Annie. You follow her around the room with your eyes. Waiting for her to look at you, play with you, smile at you. I've often been in the other room and can hear the two of you laughing. When I come to investigate what's so funny, it always just ends up being you two, just enjoying each other, and getting a good hearty belly laugh from hearing the other one giggle. Delightful!

You can sit up now, roll over, feed yourself (messily) hold your own bottle (hooray!) laugh a lot (see below) and talk talk talk talk talk. You don't make any sense but the sounds are so colourful I have no doubt you will be as vocally capable as your big sister. Nana told me this morning that last night when you stayed at her house, you were chatting to yourself at 1am in the morning. When she went in to see you, you had rolled over on your tummy and where head butting the top of the cot. She popped your dummy in, the chatter subsides and you roll back into the land of nod.

If I could I would bottle the sweet, sweaty smell of your neck. My favourite place to kiss. It's a national treasure. So warm and soft and irresistible. Keeping growing my boy, but stay innocent and pure and mine.

Much love...Mumma xx

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