Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's all about me.

I can't even believe I am about to write these words. My fingers are all numbing over, and they aren't even the part of me that will benefit the most from what I am about to admit to the internet.

I have just committed to a mile a day challenge, hosted by the lovely JewelChic. I was leaving random comments on her facebook page, jealous quips about how lucky she is to lead the life she leads (makes jewellery, travels the world, is uber positive) when it dawned on me. 'Em, that can be you'. You don't have to sit back and watch someone else do it. You can actually get up and do it yourself. Not be the next jewelchic, but you know, start working on me.

So I said I would begin by running 1 mile a day over the month of Feb. Not too mean a feat really. But it's less about the mileage and more about smileage. I want to start feeling good about how I look (two babies, post baby weight, snacking all day, drinking red wine etc etc) and I also want to improve how I feel. I spoke recently about my pre menstrual troubles and I feel that there are so many things I could be doing better that I just let slide. Exercise is one of them. It realise good endorphins, right? And if I feel like I'm getting some time for me, perhaps I may feel less trapped that all my time is devoted to the kids.

In conjunction with this new challenge, I am heading to a yoga class on Monday night. It's a free one, and I wanna check out the centre, so no major commitment just yet. But my lovely husband has said he will pay for a full course should I like it. Ben is a big meditation fan and wants me to feel the benefits.

With my new job I also have three days where I can really think about what I'm eating. I am very good with my meals, snack only on fruit, and really look forward to dinner when I get home at the end of the day.

These are small changes, I know, but changes none the less. And I'm proud of even giving it a go. I will document some of my challenge moments here. Share the odd healthy recipe when I come across it, and boost my triumphs as they are realised. Wish me luck people!


Anonymous said...

Hey Em.... its Sarah! I got directed hear via facebook lol! Just wanted to say re. the getting out and excercising..... When ever I put my i-pod on and go on a power walk I feel really really good.... Natural endorpins from the excercise mixed with good music on the i-pod makes an amazing difference. Sometimes if I feel a bit flat - on goes the i-pod and I get walking and EVERY time within 5 minutes I feel great. I realise that being childless makes this a bit easier for me than you lol!! - but go for it when ever you get the chance.... you'll feel the benefits of it really quickly. Much love Sarah xx

leslie said...

you can do it!! good for you, lovely lady, you deserve every bit of feeling good about yourself. xx

Rita Costen said...

Hi, Iam here in NZ on the West Coast and realise just how easy it would be for me to do a mile a day. I know my dogs would like it. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with your journey, I know you will succeed as its what you want. Have fun.