Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Whirl of Christmas.

Christmas. Over. So fast. So tiring. So much fun. Here are a few photos from the many that we took over the last few weeks. We've been up to so much here in Melbourne.

I made homemade muesli for all the important women in my life. Mum, sisters, mother-in-law. It was very well recieved and they seemed to like it. Will post the recipe as soon as I get uno momento.

Santa brought Tom a trolley to pull around. Annie loved it.

Santa (my father) made this dolls house for Annie. We found all the beautiful wooden furniture in a store called Early Learning Centre. She's had her head in it ever since.

We finally got Tom's seat attached to my bike. On Christmas Eve we all took a little bike ride before dinner. It was so lovely and as you can see Tom LOVED it.

Christmas Eve dinner was just me, my wonderful husband, our delightful kids who I love so much it hurts and this meal I made. Fennel and salt rubbed pork with broccolini, kipfler potatoes and a red currant glaze. Oh, and the most unforgettable pinot noir that I have ever tasted and have since forgotten the name of.


Julia said...

It looks like you had a lovely Christmas. Your dad did a great job on that dolls house!
I'm also getting the distinct impression you're a gourmet cook. That pork looks amazing. x

Liz said...

Great pics em and great memories :)