Sunday, October 14, 2007

aussie slang.

i'm trying to post more. onegirl inspired me. today i want to talk aussie slang. my friend jenny form ireland was delighted by some of the more imaginative sayings that we have come to call our own here in aus. similarly she offered up some interesting irish sayings that had us rolling around the floor with laughter. I thought it would be fun to share them with you all and perhaps, if you're feeling in the mood, you might want to add to the list.

Ok, aussie slang:

budgie smugglers - tight mens speedo swimming togs that make it look like you're trying to smuggle budgies around a public swimming pool. Not a good look!

brown-eyed mullet - sounds like a rather harmless 80s hairstyle doesn't it? Think again. It's actually slang for a turd floating in the ocean when you're swimming.

mad as a cut snake - this means your very, very angry. The kind of angry where you could lash out and bite someone at any moment. Where this comes from I will never know. I mean if a snakes been cut in half then he aint goin' no where is he?

irish slang:

sweating chunks - when one is sweating profusely to the point where they know everyone has noticed. the sewat in question is no longer coming out in droplets but rather massive chunks. noice!

batter ya - when you smack and hit someone within an inch of their life. It is not, as some might assume, when you hit someone with a mallet and dunk them in batter for frying.

eejit/sap - someone with little or no hope of every amounting to anything. Say to kids often enough and you got yourself a flatmate for life!

And now for your amusement here is a wall painting we found in sleepy Hobart. I made Ben stop the car so that I could take a photo as proof. As I laughed and pointed out the window near delirious with glee, I failed to notice the man pushing the guy in the wheelchair who had walked into the direction of my pointing finger. Needless to say I was mortified to be given a greasy and jabbed ben in the side to 'put the peddle to the metal' so we could get the frig outta there alive.


Anonymous said...

this makes me laugh. Mmmm, can't think of any other Aussie ones to offer. I grew up with Rhyming slang. this was infuenced by my grandfather (gorman) who had Irish background. round the johnny horner etc. Very british I think.

I'm sure I know heaps of Aussie sayings..I just can't think of a single one right now.

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