Tuesday, October 9, 2007

weekend finds...

even though we are halfway through the week i thought i woudl tell you about my weekend. it was lovely. so quiet and slow. i got to read. can you believe it? i found time to finish my book!?! it was bliss.

another reason it was particulary lovely was that on saturday ben and i celebrated 2 years together. its seems like only yesterday he walked into that ad agency and smiled his infectious smile at me. i knew there and then that he was someone i had to get to know better. he tells me (two years down the track mind you!) that when he saw me he knew i was the one too. *sigh*

Look at us now, all engaged and with dog! who would have thought. who would have dreamed! I am exceptionally happy!

sooooo...saturday was 2 years since our first date. o that first date we went to the melbourne fringe festival. *how apt* however after a few wines we decided not to go into the show but rather stayed in the foyer drinking wine and talking and even having a little waltz to no music. I love that memory :)

this weekend there was less alochol and certainly less nerves. we went down to the beach house and just took it easy. on sunday we visited the rosebud market right on the foreshore. there was plenty of junk to rifle through and even some little treasures. here are some things I have found recently that i simply love!

got this great mug on a hunt with onegirl. she will be selling her fantastic finds in her esty shop soon to be opened. keep your eyes peeled!

got three of these. they will make good pie dishes and be fab for reheating :)

my oh my how miss maggie is growing up. check out those ears! here she is in one of her quiet moments, lapping up the suns rays on our beach house balcony. *we love it there*

FYI - i am currently in the middle of my second baby blanket. squares have been cut and ironed and we are now moving on to the sewing. i will keep you posted on my progress. that's all i got. be back soon.

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