Wednesday, October 3, 2007

many thanks

firstly i want to thank all those people who took the time to join in the great debate. hearing your individual stories has helped quite a bit. i suppose just knowing that each and every woman has to take a moment to think and rethink is comfort enough. i have no set decision as yet, time will bring that. *yeah* you're all fabulous!

moving right along. i was bursting with excitement today when the mail man knocked on our big glass wall. he was bringing my material - ordered with love on z&s fabrics. After attempting my first patch work quilt i caught a fever. it hasn't left yet. and frankly, i don't want it to. i would love to be sick with this amount of dedication and joy forever!

my mission was to find to key fabrics i can use to create a multitude of different designs. i have babies coming out of my ears at the moment. my sister. my friend. potentially my work mate. so a few baby blankets would not go astray. here are the fabrics i found, some of which only cost $3.49 US each :)

*bundles of love*

*love these*

*fun, fun, fun*

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