Wednesday, November 28, 2007

eating with friends

i'm still in toronto working and whilst i am still very, very homesick for ben and maggie, i now have two good friends from work with me to help me explore the culinary delights in this city of condos.

last night was a bit of an experiment. you know when there's two restaurant, of the same cuisine, right next door to each other? most people would have a quick peek inside and do the old 'which is fuller' test. we broke down those rules my friends. we peered through glass and decided, right there and then, that 'no' we would not follow the flock and add to one mans riches, but we would roll the dice, flip the coin and take our chances on the dimly lit quiet place next door.

it was, and i don't exaggerate, a very good gamble. this indian place had all the time in the world of us and our obviously annoying questions about what exactly goes in madras. they brought food out in micro minutes all freshly prepared with love from a chef that has not lost the plot because we are the 9th person to ask for vindaloo, but not spicy. and our waiter was quick to tend to our needs even going so far as to fill our water just as our brain was deciding to take a sip. now that's what i call service!

tonight we experiment with the delights of Queen Mothers Cafe. this toronto icon is not only loved locally, but also by some pretty savvy aussies who often travel here for work.

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Kirsty said...

Glad the gamble paid off. We stalk people's lattes before we buy coffee somewhere new.