Sunday, November 25, 2007

one of a kind.

ohhhh delight! so many lovely things to share with you. i ventured down to the toronto exhibition centre to see the 'one of a kind' show. be still my beating heart. there are SO many creative, talented people out there deserving of our dollars. forget those giant retail chains. think handmade! it's way more fun.

ok, so i was really delighted by all that i saw at the 'one of a kind' show but there was definitely a few favourites that i thought would be worth a showcase on my blog. let's start with mally bibs. these things are fantastic. perfect for busy mums or friends of mums who want an exceptionally useful and well made gift.

they are made from leather and have two magnets that connect them at the base of the babies neck. they are also reversible. turn em over and suddenly you have a little catchers mitt for all the 'stray' food. when done, simply wipe them down ready for the next on slaughter. best of all the designs have been well thought about. simple. cute. fun.

now on to adult stuff. bags! i stumbled upon the stall of littebrownwren and fancied quiet a few of her stuff. the latest and greatest details some fun embroidery.

ah. someone else with a love of her pup!

right. it was at this moment that i rounded the corner and noticed a stall alive and buzzing with frantic women. i thought - as all good shoppers do - 'what are they getting that i'm missing out on!'.

i ran, bags an all, to the stall to learn that it was The Old Island Stamp Company. high five! happy dance! oh joy! i was in heaven. i quickly thought through exactly what i could use a stamp for and set to work to find the perfect one. they will feature heavily on my etsy shop when i get it up and running with some handmade goodies of my own. here's the stuff i lovingly bought.

I also picked up some fantastic cards made my a chick called Kim Kutner of 'Kims Suitcase'. i loved these cards instantly. so simple and bizarre. this one i am keeping for someone special this christmas.

after such a HUGE day i settled into the booth of a canadian sports bar, drank a pint of beer and ate mexican food and lost myself in the book Eat, Pray, Love. After that, i came back to the apartment and watched 'the notebook' - again. it gets me every time that damn movie. sooooo sad!

tomorrow i will show you finds from the st lawrence market here in downtown toronto, ontario. or as the locals call it, bye!


Anonymous said...

Hi little ems! Its Sarah - I cannot email you at the moment because our laptop is dead - and hotmail is barred at work. I MISS YOU! I haven't seen the girls since my party, Tim and I went to Somers on the w/end. Tims going to ring Ben and see is he wants to come over for dinner this week - we suspect he's getting pretty lonely without you! Can't wait to catch up - I have some goss from my party - looking forward to catchup dinner when your back. Hope your having fun over there.
Lots of love, Sarah x

Anonymous said...

P.S - Your hair looks HOT. x

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh. ben teased me the other day and said there was good from the party but that he wasnt going to tell me. now i'm really intrigued!

glad to hear you will be feeding my benny. give him a BIG hug from me. i miss him :( can't wait to see you and Tim again. this trip is taking FOREVER! i miss the warm weather!

Anonymous said...

St. Lawrence market is fabulous. The chocolate croissants could make a grown woman weep.