Saturday, November 24, 2007

new hair.

today was MY day. a day when i did all the things that i wanted to do. no need to please others, no family to catch up with, no appointments to make. barr one.

today i had my hair cut. it's in preparation for the wedding in april. i wanted to start the process early so i know exactly how i am going to have it on the day. i ventured down to toni & guy on bloor st, toronto and had them fix me up. and boy did they do that!

my hair now has a semi permanent medium brown through it with soft slightly lighter highlights peeking out from underneath. over time the brown will fade back to my natural colour (a light brown) and then highlights will start to peek through even more. just in time for my return to the australian sun :)

here's my attempt at photographing myself. travelling by yourself is a damn lonely business :)

i have some fun things to tell but i think i'll leave that post until tomorrow. right now i am going across the road to drink canadian beer and eat my eyeballs out! for all in melbourne, i miss you :)

1 comment:

leslie said...

oh!! you're hair looks lovely! cant wait to see it in person! missing you heaps. xox