Monday, November 26, 2007

to the market we shall go.

on sunday in a somewhat surprisingly sunny toronto, i ventured to the st lawrence market. i had been told good things about this market so my expectations we extremely high. plus, as an avid thrifter* in melbourne, i was very excited.

on first impressions and after a number of disappointingly expensive stalls i would say this market was more 'upper market' - you're not going to find any wonderfully cool vintage finds for under $5 for instance. instead the place is littered with people savvy in the art of 'good finds' whose prices are a serious presentation of their knowledge. there was nothing under $20 that fancied my favour.

however, let it be said, i still found some things :) (as if I wouldnt!) towards the back end of the market on a table marked 'everything $5' i came across these little dishes. i think they will make cute bowls on dinner plates for dipping sauce.

can you believe i got 6 for $5? sheer delight! and then, tucked away in a specialty thift store (who knew they had the BEST finds) i found this material for $10.

I also found some other things for benny, but cant detail them here in case he reads this :) i am now itching to get home and charge up my sewing machine once again...

* in melbourne we call people like me 'op-shoppers'


Kate said...

Nice op - shopping, glad you found some nice things!

Cat said...

It's so interesting to read about your travels here in T.O!!!
Glad to hear that you were able to go to the OOAK show! ...I must remember to go there before it's over!!

Have you checked out the underground tunnels? I love it down there! The best part is that there's no wind/snow/rain etc!
I don't think there are any thrift stores or anything like that, but practically everything else is down there.
restaurants, clothing stores, fruit stands... there's a place called "Essence du papier" underneath the Toronto Dominion Centre that I'm going to visit soon!

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your time in the city!


Kirsty said...

You've got some great stuff there. Your blog is lovely by the way & I love your engagement ring.