Monday, July 23, 2007

food glorious food.

considering i suffered a bad dose of 'middle ear imbalance' it's no wonder that over the last few days the only thing i have truly been able to enjoy, is food. yum. love it. lets start with the conference. on our second night, and when the floor was really starting to sway, we ventured to a japanese restaurant. i dont usually eat anything i swim next to, so i ended up sitting on the vegie table. it was all good though. they served up a scrumptious meal complete with juggling spices, drum-like utensils and basketball inspired servings. they call it 'teppanyaki', i call it good old fashioned fun. check out our chef in action.

his name was Romeo. and it would be true to say that i fell in love. any man that can accurately throw food directly into my mouth has to be a keeper.

here's a close up of some tofu, just cause i can.

here lou and i get serious about all things vegetarian. if you're interested in supporting local artists who hand make furniture and design pieces with love, sweat and sheer dedication, check out lou's fella Sandy's website. he's well talented!

moving on from there. i caught a little virgin blue bus back to wet, windy melbourne. how i love thee. she was nasty upon my arrival but before long she has welcomed be back into her warm cultural arms. cut to Mecca Bah.

sitting pretty on the waters edge of docklands mecca bah promises new culinary experience for all! being pro veggie i opted for the sweet potato falafels (crunchy and zesty in one) and turkish pizza with zucchini, fresh mint, lemon zest and cheese (bang, bang, bang - that's how each of these flavours exposes themselves to your taste buds)

a delightful glass or two of rose and my little middle ear imbalance is beginning to feel less like a medical problem and more like an inebriated one. thanks tini and elisa for such a lovely night. you're both too cute!

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