Monday, July 2, 2007

trashy irish gold.

well, just finished another marian keyes book. have to say that every now and then i don't mind indulging in the tripe and trivia of a romantic comedy. it helps to break up the heavy weight of 'a short history of the world' (which, by the way, is anything but short!).

this chick book started out wonderfully. it was full of humour, pain, friendship, loss and deception. (as much as a marian keyes can be) however as the plot trudged along i felt it getting a little tired. painful in fact. aul marian lost her momentum is my guess. she must have been getting the 'ah hem' from her publisher to hurry things up and subsequently patted an ending together, wrapped it in brown paper and string, and sent it off via courier. ah well. it did its job anyway. i was pleasantly and warmly distracted for just a few weeks.

right. now back to 'a short history'. where were we? oh, yes, thats right....the nomads have just stopped walking and miraculously found religion...

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