Sunday, July 15, 2007

when maggie met ned.

well, it promised to be a very busy weekend. not only were ben and i off to see a band play in dusty meeniyan town hall, but we were also going to be re-uniting maggie with her long lost brother ned.

let's start with the concert. bens mum and dad own a farm in east gippsland. at present all that sits on the land is a handmade shack complete with roaring fire. i love it there. nothing but books, red wine and fresh air. in the still of the night, the only noise your chilly ears can hear is the occasional grunt of a hereford. *bliss*. i digress. anywho, the concert was held in meeniyan (around 30 minutes from the farm). the town hall has rows of tables inside and you can bring your own food and wine. the night is spent listening to good music, eating good food and drinking (hopefully) good wine. i have had the pleasure of seeing harry manx and dallas frasca there. good stuff.

the next morning was particularly foggy. all the dogs had slept in the cars that night so we let them out early for a little run around. this was the first moment that maggie and ned met. there wasn't much in the way of 'golden moments', they simply smelt each others butt, detecting some faint memory and trotted off to roll in cow shit somewhere. in way of looks, you can see that ned's farm friendly coat is much longer than maggie's inner city trim. however, there is something about their eyes that's very familiar.

maggie stands charge. she's such a control freak!

now onto my sewing machine. due to the big weekend, i only had last night to have a nudge at it. i decided to give a top a crack, see if i couldnt whip something joyful up. here is my first attempt. a crowl neck top with bell sleeves. made with love and frustration - the best mix!


leslie said...

i just have to say that shot does not do your wonderful top justice - i've seen it in person, folks, and it's bloody FABULOUS!

em.s said...

thanks leslie! It was probably the best mistake i ever made ;)