Tuesday, July 3, 2007

going lentil.

when i was studying acting at swinburne uni all those years ago, i made friends with a vegan. she kinda rubbed off on me. not literally, like she didnt side-swipe me or anything. what i mean to say is her morals rubbed off on me. i took on board the no meat thing, which wasnt hard considering i was had an aversion to anything too bloody, and so started my love affair with vegetarian food.

enter 'lentil as anything'. tucked away in a small, clustered row of shops in the heart of st kilda, lentil as anything is the brain child of Shanaka Fernando. this restaurant is not-for-profit. that means that you pay whatever you feel the meal is worth or whatever you can afford. if you have the experiences I've had at lentil as anything, you will be more than delighted to pay a cute sum for your yum vegetarian tucka.

last night it was two HUGE platters of potato and pea curry, beetroot curry, pumpkin curry, cous cous, brown rice, salad and the most amazing mushrooms i think my taste buds have ever had the pleasure of caressing. sure, the meal took a total of 45 minutes to reach our table, but when you take just a moment to understand what they are trying to achieve in that dimly lit restaurant, you really dont mind at all.

but hey, dont just take my word for it. read a review or two

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