Tuesday, July 10, 2007

sewing machine.

a few weeks ago i bought a busted up sewing machine from a tiny little op shop in rye. i loved her instantly! (the sewing machine that is, and if i was at all honest, the old lady who sold it to me too) but when i got my new love home she died. why oh why did my sewing machine die? did it have anything to do with the fact that she was over 40 years old and had a cracked back?

i moaned and groaned to my mother the next day. she nonchalantly informed me that she had a spare sewing machine downstairs, alive and kicking! i left her in a cloud of dust and glee and leaped stairs to find my new love. she was divine. still old and crabby, but chugging along none-the-less. i dropped her off at a sewing machine store in rosebud with my mate eddie...

'what's the craic eddie? can she still perform?'

'her timings out', he informed me, 'but she as good as gold otherwise. let me get her spruced up and back to you in a week'.

that week is now nearly up. my baby awaits me, freshly dusted, in the back of eddies store. i long to go and pick her up, but work and its commitments hold me back. on saturday morning, as the sun throws her rays onto blair gowrie bay, maggie and i shall putter down nepean highway to eddies store and get her. a few weeks after that, you can expect to see pictures of my crafts....

in the mean time, visit my friend steve poltz. he wrote a humorous song about sewing machines and sang it to me* in toronto, canada.

*when i say me, what i really mean is the entire venue.


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