Wednesday, February 27, 2008

counselling and we're not even married yet!

tonight ben and i are going to a marriage education course. funny huh? we're not even married yet and already we need counselling :) in actual fact the priest who will marry us has suggested that we do this course, and in all honesty, i am pretty open to it.

basically we sit in a semi-circle, with 15 equally pained couples, and talk about what we want out of our married life together. getting all 'out there and personal' is not a strong point for ben, or me for that matter, and as a result we have turned to humor to get us through. not that we're taking the piss or anything, it's just that we find 'funny' in even the most odd scenarios.

we have three more nights of this stuff. the tools that will make our marriage better. i suppose i should be grateful i am getting the heads up on how to make our life together more successful. how to avoid confrontation, anger and resentment. thing is, i always thought i knew that stuff. don't you just buy a dishwasher? oh what a wonderful wifey i will be...

i will, if i may, now showcase the delightful work of Emma Taylor, my florist. she has put together a sample bouquet for our wedding. hap, hap, happy days! the brief was to make it look vintage, a little 60s inspired and perhaps add a touch of australian flora and forna. I think she did remarkably well!

here is the bouquet with faux dress:

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Kate said...

Yes - I think your florist did a perfect job!