Thursday, February 7, 2008

part three: the wedding.

ok, so i know that i have written some negative posts about the wedding process. one was about my mum, the other was about my mum, but i will have you know that i truly love her and want her to participate in the lovely process that ben and i are currently working towards.

she displayed a certain lovely mumminess today when she phoned to tell me who has rsvp'd so far. this tends to be a daily thing: 'so-in-so hasn't called back yet, are you sure you sent them an invite?' or 'i went out all day today and when i got back i checked the message thingy and there was nothing there??'. but today was different. she had definite news. something to talk about. apparently, in the snail mail, she had received a letter from bens lovely grand parents. they are 'very senior' (to use their own words) and still live by themselves. however, they don't like to venture out much and this was the general gist of the letter.

they told my parents that, after meeting me once, they agreed i was lovely and that they were very proud of ben and the choice he had made *choke* unfortunately they won't be coming to the wedding - that's one adventure they have to miss - but are more than keen to see the photos once they are ready. *sigh* i completely understand of course and can't wait to relay the whole day in their living room.

see! i can write nice things about this process! it's possible. just wait and see what i have to say about ben's suit search. now that's going to interesting!

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