Monday, February 4, 2008

the joy one finds...

on saturday morning, after a mad 2 hour work out with maggie i ventured to a few op shops on the mornington peninsula. these are the kind of places untouched by the 'vintage rage'. these are the kind of places where good, cheap finds can be delightfully uncovered. they are also the kind of place old ladies still run, with an exercise book as their inventory and a tea cup as their cash register. *bliss*

one particular such store in blair gowrie was jam-packed with treats of all kinds. from clothes to material this place could hardly cram in another item. i was in love! i quickly found two things that stole my heart. i could have left then. right then. in fact i really ought to have. but the conversation these old ladies were having keep my feet cemented firmly in place and my hand resting on a terrible cord skirt.

- at the last meeting they were talking about costs.
- what costs. it's just us and some things.
- apparently they are looking at costs.
- i'll give them costs! how much can it be to run an op shop!
- what about wages?
- you get wages?
- no, but maybe we will.
- it's a volunteer thing. always has been. always will be. costs.what a load of ****
- are you right there?

i must have been ear wigging a minute too long. they busted me.

- yes. fine thanks.
- let me know if you need anything ok?

bigger ears perhaps?? i know it's silly but i am such a sucker for other people's conversations. there are so many other 'issues' going on in the world. each deserving of a certain amount of attention and conversation. these women reminded me how lucky we are to get away to blair gowrie every now and then. where time goes just a little slower. people volunteer for things and you can always find something as pretty as these in your local op shop:

I plan on unstitching this and washing it and stitching it back up just the way it is. so retro!

A great bright oil jug all the way from spain. i love op shops *smiles*


leslie said...

best. pillow. ever.

Anonymous said...

Truly great finds..made more special by the shopping experience..I'm a lover of the laid back style of volunteers in an Op shop too..pleased to see you call it an Op Shop it's my preference over Thrift shop, only because it's what I grew up with.