Sunday, February 3, 2008

one saturday morning...

this weekend i decided that everything maggie thinks about is done so in three's. such as when she trots around the side of our bed in the morning, places both front paws on the doona and hits my lips with her wet nose she is saying 'wake up, wake up, wake up'. Likewise, when she is being fed and we place the bowl on the ground and she stares intently into my eyes waiting for me to say she can start munching, and somewhere in that overactive brain of hers, she is muttering 'can i start? can i start? can i start?'.

this weekend was no exception to the three rule. we drove down to blair gowrie on friday night and after a very relaxing evening, woke to the bright melbourne sunshine. maggie was repetitive from the mintue she woke up 'walk me, walk me, walk me'. in the car on the way to the beach it was 'oh my god the beach, oh my god the beach, oh my god the beach'. and of course, once we hit the sand 'throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball'. the only time her thoughts got single minded was when we invited her to meet us in the water and as she paddled out i could hear 'shit. going to die. must keep paddling'.

later on in the car on the way back to the beach house. her repetitive little self came back. she rolled around the back seat trying to get the sand from her coat and chanting 'i feel so dirty, i feel so dirty, i feel so dirty'. i was especially happy when she walked in the front door, waddled straight over to her blanket and lay down, head on paws, and repeated 'so tired, so tired, so tired'. who would have thought that all it takes to wear out a kelpie puppy is a 2 hour trip to the beach, 92 throws of the ball and the odd chase from a greyhound. *sigh*

maggie is very wet here, but look closely, she is also very happy.

maggie carried her ritual, of sniffing every where the ball lands, into the water.

one big shake and she was a little less wet.

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