Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a hint of a surprise...

i am currently in the middle of a project. one that i am utterly in love with. i'm not sure why, but sewing always seems to have more purpose, more enjoyment and more necessity when it's for someone you love.

the person with which i speak is a very important part of my life. i wanted to make them something that would reflect them as a person, as an artist, as my family and friend. i hope i am doing them justice. being musically inclined, you will note the style with which i have gone for. the actual finished product cannot be posted as yet; a. it's not finished. and b. said loved one comes here sometimes to catch up on me.

however, there is no reason why i can't give a few hints...

while i was taking these photos, maggie the mutt was rolling around on the floor trying to stick her nose into dusty places to retrieve god-knows-what! once she was done, she came out from the pokey search and posed for a photo. in this particular one i like to imagine she is saying, 'i know i have cobwebs on my snout and i just dont care!'

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