Thursday, July 12, 2007

the happy shopper.

ok, i'm going to let you in on a little secret. now if i disclose this information you must, and i repeat must, promise to keep it to yourself. i have grave fears that if too many people find out about my addiction my supplies will dwindle.

here goes. tucked away in the leafy suburb of greensborough is a mammoth op shop called savers. there. i said it. savers has to be my favourite shop hands down. i have stumbled upon a delightful array of vintage clothing that have naturally become some of my favourite wardrobe peices. last night was no exception. i had a real corker!

let's start with material. as i will be getting my little sewing machine back tomorrow i really couldnt help myself. some of these will be used for pillow cases for our beach house and some i will attempt to make clothes from.

i love the softness of these colours. i thought the patterned one was a particulary good find.

hoping to make a nice beachy pillow case out of the stripey one and a winter skirt out of the brown. of course, 'hoping' is the operative word in that sentence!

check out these bags of fun. one was full of zips for $2.99 and one was full of thread for $3.99 - man, was i a happy camper!

and finally some patterns. all for 69c each. i grabbed a few dress patterns and some tops. i'm hoping i can now live up to my own expectations and create something worth blogging about. for some really lovely finished products that are good to buy now, visit onegirl - she makes super, super nice stuff in her craft room in kingsville. and she's way nice.


Anonymous said...

i love savers in brunswick, but shh! love that your sewing machine has been rescued too - can't wait to see some projects. I came over via onegirl, and loved having a read. I'll be dropping by the farm quicker than you can say "g'day" - you are serving all my favourite things!

em.s said...

thanks for coming by samantha. since we both like leslie i have a feeling we would get along just nicely munching on our roast chook. will be sure to get crackin' with the sewing!

sara said...

Hi there, found you via Leslie. I'm an american who lived in Melbourne for two wonderful years and long to go back someday, until then I must find ALL Melbourne bloggers and follow their adventures relentlessly. Look forward to many more to come from you!
Never visited that Savers, though, how tragic!

Unknown said...

I have heard about savers from Gina at Patra's Other Place. Might be a hop, step and a jump from Upper Gully but I will have to schedule it.

Blessings and bliss

glorydaze said...

I have a savers in my neck of the woods to. If I don't go there at least once a week I get terribly anxious about missing out on something wonderful!